Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Code Lids – Amps – DX Clusters…and the Deaf

I find it strikingly amazing (and perhaps I should not be) at the number of imbeciles in Ham Radio today. I am not sure if it is genetic or stupid by choice…or perhaps it because “today's” hams feel autonomous behind their IP address and monitor. Which ever the case, Ham Radio is heading down a path that is not pretty.

Just watching the DX Cluster today upon arriving home from work (I should have stayed there <smiling>) gave me cause to wonder about the absence of grey matter being used today when posting spots….

What did I witness that gave me so much cause for concern? Before I get into that…. If you are a “Ham”  today, you have a great number of resources! The INTERNET being one! It is like a “TOOL” and you better learn how to use it! ….ESPECIALLY if you are going to put your call sign out on the DX CLUSTER!

Ah yes! The DX CLUSTER…where Chat Room jargon has taketh over! What Bull Crap this has morphed in to. I have written about it often; however, it is AB SO LUTE LY amazing that people use this service like their own private girlie (pardon me YLs and XYLs) chat room bitch sessions. Enough said! You get the message.

Having said this, today VK9MA (Mellish Reef) was spotted….and the then the rampant moron like postings started!!! LMMFAO! Yes sir! I could hear the antennas whizzing and amps being tuned 10 KCs either side of the “Mellish Reef” station…. one after another people (not real hams mind you) worked this guy….AND …TO MAKE SURE THE WHOLE world KNEW they worked this “RARE DX” station….THEY TOO spotted VK9MA …signing the post with their call signs! Why the hell would you not look up that “rare one” before posting? EVERY CONCEIVALBE logging program now days LOOKS up the call and INSTANTLY tell you if it is valid or not! If yours doesn’t ….BETTER STEP UP and get one that does or you are living in the dark ages!…. The DX station was signing their call PERFECTLY!…but I am sure some FAT FINGERED SOB (with a heart rate of 140) typed in wrong or heard it wrong with a hearing aid battery that I am sure was operating below 10% charge. Either way, the perpetuation of BAD POSTS ensued. What irresponisble operating…..SURE we all have made a bad post now and then..but how many should it have been? Here is a posting of the VK9MA Hall of Shame Recipients:




Just to name a few…

And then to really set off the ultimate DX ALARM was P50W!

WOW…get on it! This was really P40W….. Is there ONE ham on the planet that thinks P5 would show up and ME not know about it? HI HI…NO HELL WAY!!!! LOL

Jesus, Mary AND Joseph! What are these “ops” thinking…oh! My fault…I forgot they were not…..

They studied the answers to a test, were given a license to spot, (some received CW Code readers as parting gifts) and away they went. They bought radios (of which they don’t know how to use)…computers, antennas, BIG AMPS, …and oh my FREAKIN’ God how the ham bands have flourished!

Have you REALLY listened as of late? 10M and 75 SSB sound like throw back days of channel 19 and the wild wild west! It is terrible that the FCC does not HUNT DOWN and HANG from their own towers these RUDE BASTARDS! If I were in charge…oh my …….

And then there are the DEAF MOFOs in Ham Radio. You know the ones! Those poor idiots who call and call and call and guess what? HALF of them can’t even hear the DX station….the other 1/2 don’t care who they are trying to come back to and they just call and call too!

Then there are my FAVORITE GROUP! The ELITE of the ELITE! Those HIGH PROFILE DXers (yeah right)… who say one thing and do something else….. THERE ARE A BUNCH OF YOU ROTTEN ASSWIPES out there and they KNOW I have recordings of them calling when they should not be. Most hang out on 160 and 6m flaunting their JUST OPERATING habits and refined wine drinking nights behind the radio…but they really are THE most poor of the poor of operators! TWO FACED INGORANT Bastards from hell! LOL

Noses tossed in the air, 5KW through the best hard line money can buy…and away they go…

In the end…it is everyone who suffers, because of the once few and now more prevalent  “LID” that lurks on your radio dial. What to do? I’ll tell you what to do…..because we all know one. You pull that guy aside and you tell them politely you know what they are doing and you would appreciate it if they cleaned up their act. They are giving YOU and ME a bad name!…and I for one am tired of hearing it and I am tired of having to address it! They will either listen and slowly things get better….or they play DEAF and STUPID…..In the case of the latter, they would by default be confirming what you probably already knew was the truth….

They are INDEED a “Ham Radio” LID!….BUT…you did your part to improve the airways. Suck it up and go after the next guy in line!…oh yeah…and write the FCC AND ARRL and tell them you are mad as hell at their inability to clean things up! The good ole days were nice!

Until next time!

73 and Good Dxing


“The Elmer most never had”