Friday, August 27, 2010


The days of the paper log are long gone! Oh sure, there are some old timers AND "newbie" Hams who are using them, but today's Amateur Radio operators are all using electronic logs! Well, at least the good looking ones are!

Electronic logs are like cars, everyone is going to have their "preference" but when you boil it down...there are a few that rise to the top....I can honestly say I have tried the lion's share of them all!...:
Amateur Contact Log 2.2
CQ Log
Easylog -- by microware softwareEUROWINLOG
GC   --  From OE8YDQ and OE8CIQ
Ham Radio Deluxe
ILIA Software 
Logger 32 

Just to name a few....
And when the dust settled...... the overwhelming winner for best all around log was DXLab Suite by AA6YQ

DXlab suite is FREE!...and it does everything and I mean everything (and then some you could ever want)...

DXLab is a freeware suite of eight interoperating applications designed to automate amateur radio DXing activities:
  • Transceiver control with bandspread - controls up to 4 transceivers, with frequency and mode tracking by an independent transceiver, receiver, SDR-based panadaptor, or skimmer
  • RTTY - dual receive via the included MMTTY engine and a TNC
  • Logging - can be optimized for real-time logging, or for recording QSOs from paper logs
  • Award tracking and submission - AJA, Canadaward, Challenge, DDFM, DOK, DXCC, Holyland, IOTA, JCC, JCG, Maidenhead Fields & Squares, Marathon, RDA, SRR,  TopList, VUCC, USA-CA, WAB, WAC, WAE, WAJA, WAIP, WAHUC, WAS, WAZ, WPX, WAJA, WITU

 If this program does NOT do everything your current logger does and MORE...and does not satisfy...then something is wrong....BEST PART do not have to worry about installing anything...REAL TIME Updates come out every few weeks, program lets you know it....ONE CLICK and your program downloads AND updates AUTOMATICALLY....Do you read that? AUTOMATICALLY! No more fuss with, "What the hell do I do with it now" syndrome!!! And you can run one or ALL the programs at is your choice! 

And check this out...IF you want a feature the reflector, and if makes enough sense, it will be implemented in short order.

Try it! I dare you not to like it!

73 and good DXing...

Jose - N4BAA

Thursday, August 26, 2010

QSLing - Better to send an SASE

Yesterday, I received 14 QSL requests from this past weekend's NAQP SSB Contest.
4 included and SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) and
10 just sent QSLs.

Had they looked at my page, they would have seen my request for a SASE for their return QSL.
But...even if they had not checked the site, it is very much inline with today's economy to include this for any QSL you wish to receive in return.

I emailed the 10 hams who did not send SASEs and received responses from 6 of them to date.
3 of them could not believe I would not return their QSL that they sent direct with no SASE!

For those of us who are more than a casual user of the airwaves, and further more, those such as myself who make over 20,000...yes! 20K QSOs per year, can not be expected to reply to all QSL requests on my own dime! NOT going to happen!

I QSL 100% to every single DX station I work, even if it is 20 QSOS per year....My QSL card can handle up to 20 QSOs per card, so it is very easy to have the computer print right on my QSLs cards! Those QSLs go via the ARRL Outgoing Buro, Global QSL, WF5E for DX stations I really need, or direct to the DX station. For US QSL cards, I only send to those who need my card AND who send an SASE or at least a stamp for return QSL!

In fact, I MUCH prefer LoTW (Logbook of The World) for all my QSLs except those I need paper QSLs to satisfy a WAZ awards or such. I do NOT currently upload to eQSL but about once per year (at Christmas)....but do upload for those who can not find the gumption for what ever reason to get on board with LoTW! If you are on LoTW...THANK YOU....if you are not....SHAME ON YOU!!! LOL...

If you need me and I will see to it you get on LoTW ASAP! It is a WONDERFUL money saver, and it is growing by huge numbers!

Bottom line is this: no matter what form of QSLing you prefer, nor how you manage your QSLs...THAT is 100% up to the individual ham. But if you want a return QSL and you send direct, either toUS stations or DX, be polite enough to send a Self Addressed Stamped Enveolope....OR a Self Addressed Envelope WITH enough money to cover return postage!

If you are the type to say, "Hell no! I'll just do what I am doing......" That is 100% AOK too, but your chances of getting a QSL are slim to none!...AND if you send me a QSL without an SASE, "THANK YOU"...but you won't be getting a QSL in return. Those are the rules!

Now go through that stack of QSLs and pick out the ones you REALY REALLY REALLY need for new band/mode counters or all time new ones....and QSL properly!!!!

YOUR results may vary, but your QSLing SOUL will feel better about the whole QSLing process!!!

73 and Great DXing!
Jose - N4BAA

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who are you calling?

It never ceases to amaze me how many 'operators' aka: 'hams' call DX stations they can NOT hear!
These geniuses may as well be yodeling in the Swiss alps, listening to themselves, rather than really trying to contact someone!  WHAT IS THE POINT?

It is a KNOWN, proven fact, you can not work what you can NOT hear! I PROMISE YOU! If you can't hear the station you are "desiring" to contact, wait for conditions to improve. You can NOT NOT improve propagation by attempting to ionize the atmosphere no matter what you do....even with your can not be done!  So please...just chalk it up to possible your tri-bander, your low dipole, or just plain lack of skill package when it comes to even operating your own radio. (That is another subject for another blog!...but learn to operate your radio...(and that means the SPLIT function as well))..... but I will digress for now....

Another idea you may find helpful especially with sunspot numbers on the if you can't hear the DX station you are listening for.....try long path...very often that will make the difference if the DX station is a fair distance away.

Bottom line is this: If you are calling a station you can NOT hear or can not hear well...YOU are messing up chances for those who actually CAN hear them.....So...just lay off the Mic switch...... and or take your hand off your Begali Paddle..... AND WAIT.......and WAIT some more until you can hear well enough to work a particular station...... and then.......only then can you say you contributed well to a pileup!

Now work some DX....and giddy up!!!

Jose - N4BAA

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well, I just ordered a K7LXC OR-2800 Mast clamp. The original one from M2 is terrible...I mean terrible...
The new one one will not fail under the most harsh ice/wind combos we experience here in Western Mass. Yes! The same type of wind/ice that took K1TTT and KC1XX down hard!

45G tower is done:
2L30/2L40 @ 90 feet.
5L20 @ 78 feet
6L15 over 6L15 (fixed on EU) @ 65/32 feet
80m vertical (13000 feet of radials)
160m shunt fed tower (13000 feet of radials)
Have switch so I can remotely switch AND tune them with a motor driven vacuum variable cap!.Works wonderfully!!!

25G tower is 25% done.....
7L6m @ 80 feet
Force 12 4BA @ 70 feet
7L6m (side mounted with rotor) @ 32 feet
80m dipole @ 68 feet
75m dipole @ 68 feet
40m dipole @ 65 feet

SO2R station is all set up now....just waiting for 2x6 switch to be completed my W1UE (who is building it for me to save time).... that will complete the whole station.

ALL cables, control wires, beverage runs etc are laid out and will go in the ground hopefully tomorrow.
Rented a trench digger for the 300 foot run to the back tower as well to the 25G tower which is 170 feet away as well. Sure glad I did not have to dig them this time! HI....

Main runs to both towers are LDF5-50A!
I have a dedicated 6M run of LDF5-50A as well on 25G tower so I can monitor 6m with 2nd radio....
I am using LMR-900 to run to the 25G tower antenna switch.

Will keep you posted on progress and I will AB-SO-LUTE-LY post photos when I am done!

73 and God bless!

José - N4BAA

Friday, May 7, 2010


Where have all the good operators gone? Why today, more than ever, we have amateur radio operators who's actions prove they have not intentions of operating with any sort of ethical or moral directions.

One could safely argue that the ease of obtaining a license now has greatly contributed to Ham Radio's delinquency! The fact is that before the licensing process was "relaxed" or "dumbed down", those interested in obtaining a license actually had to study and work hard to understand what it is they were getting in to. I know dozens of hams who do not even know how to make their own dipole antenna due to NOT knowing the formula....or even desiring to learn how. They simply memorized a bunch of questions, shook the crackerjack box, and POOF.... out rolled the license. I understand the hobby was lacking "new blood", but IN BAA's opinion, their solution is WOEFULLY INADEQUATE in addressing those already in the hobby, and the preservation thereof of a WONDERFUL HOBBY.....

Let's face it, you will never be able to tell the right thing to the wrong operator.....but WE ALL HAVE AN OBLIGATION to call out those in error. Operating OUT OF BAND is not a STYLE of operating is a RULES violation! Tuning up on a frequency with someone on not an operating is a VIOLATION!

Not knowing how to operate split, operate your own radio, spot incorrectly, use DX Clusters as chat rooms, not knowing how to use new Software, not CARING about what kind of operator you are.....ARE NOT OPERATING STYLES....but rather is SHAMEFUL!

There is always a "learning curve" no matter what you do. But for god's sake, learn the right way, and teach someone else to do the same. If your integrity doesn't mean SQUAT to you....then take up bowling, bridge, hacky-sack, or something similar. But do not taint the waters by contributing to the madness.

People..... the ham bands have become an abomination of chaotic trash! CW READERS, poor ops, hams complaining about propagation, lack of antennas, power, good QTH...etc..... It is amazing to this writer how "bitchy" some...NOT ALL...hams can be....

For those who still get a thrill out of actually "TUNING" around the ham bands and getting excited about where the station is your are listening to.....listening to great CW.... or looking up in an Atlas where someone is..... WE are a dieing breed.

It is getting harder and harder to compete with the internet..... and today's technology...... but at the end of the day.... I still look out my window as I sit and operate, and just marvel at the towers and those beautiful aluminum antennas that so majestically sit atop them....and am thankful for the many who have contributed to my HAM SPIRIT.... Something I try to share everyday hopes of perpetuating my love affair and enjoyment with a hobby that has so much to offer.

CARE...about ham radio....
CARE...about how you operate.
CARE...about what others think of you... do the right thing... learn something new every day about the hobby....
CARE...about the future of our hobby...


This past weekend was full of obvious FIRST TIME contesters...OR contesters who OBVIOUSLY have not had a proper "Elmer" (remember what an Elmer use to really mean?....) show them the way.....

"PLEASE COPY my number XXX......enter rest of exchange here" ..PLEASE!!! Stop the madness.
"Please Copy" has got to be the ALL TIME WORSE "EX CB-er" HAM wanna be in the history of earth. DON'T USE IT!!! EVER!

All kidding aside.....I am not kidding. This little statement is like hanging the scarlet letter on yourself and advertises to the world that " I AM A LID......and I DON'T CARE WHAT THE CORRECT THING TO DO IS....." The only reason this phrase is in "AB" USE at all is because it was heard SOMEWHERE.... (Probably on channel 19...right after "wall to wall and tree top tall"....)

Don't laugh, I have heard that as well on both 10M and 6M! GO FIGURE.....What does THAT tell you???

For the sake of everything sacred, just send the official exchange....That means JUST the REQUIRED INFO....that means...ONLY that info which was called for in the rules....AND preferably in the exact order the rules call out! I think that is pretty clear.... Not your, "Nice to see you, hope you are having fun...and what color your underwear size is...... WE DON'T CARE....
We would rather just not hear ANYTHING other than the exchange...THE REAL DATA!
Hell, after 1500 to 2000 QSOs in a weekend...that is all we have time for.....

If you must so during the YL HOWDIE DAYS..... Only kidding....Not really...

Any questions?

Thank god we have a licensing system that requires one to take a test before granting of a license....god knows what we would be without one! Oh I dread the thought!

Bring back the 20WPM code requirement!!!! PLEASE!!!

BTW...(by the way)... if you are one of those disgruntled CW guys who has been "banned" from the lower 25 KCs of the band and complaining about ........and you want to come on down there...... GUESS WHAT? NO CODE LICENSING IS HERE...NO EXCUSES....Just pass the simple little test you have to "memorize" now...... and come on down....BUT....leave your CW skimmer behind!
That won't cut it!

You don't even need to know ANYTHING about ELECTRONICS or FCC regulations....hell....just memorize some questions and be done with it...HIT MASTER CLEAR AFTERWARDS........


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Having just finished a QSO party contest this weekend....I need to RANT & RAVE...

Again, there are NOT enough ELMERS these days...when a station signs his call WITHOUT USING PHONETICS.... it is WRONG! Not MY opinion...but wrong.... OR even worse, you get a ham who will sign, "Willy Billy FIVE, MIlly, Dilly, Willy"..WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING???


ALSO, if a station requires just a YEAR and STATE....PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUR RIG, CITY, and or UNDERWEAR SIZE....we are NOT being RUDE..we just don't NEED it and we are in a CONTEST for that purpose.... Contests are not a time to rag chew! Never will be!

And no matter where you are matter what country you are FROM or how COUNTRY you ARE.....USE GOOD DICTION....that means, go out of your way to say every syllable, every word, every sound that comes out of your mouth the WHOLE WORLD understands you... THERE is NOTHING WORSE than having to ask someone to repeat and repeat and repeat when all it takes is a little effort on their part to SAY THE WORDS CORRECTLY.....

If this blog today seems is not intended to be... But again....hams today, especially the SSB guys are OUT OF CONTROL...... its about time WE as a community put operating ethics and good will back in radio.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


After having witnessed the VP6DX and TX5C pileups (as well as pileups over the past 31 years)...but ESPECIALLY the last few years..... It is still amazing to me the number of "operators" who do not manage DX PILEUPS well....

In an age of computers ...(if you don't have one hooked up for spotting or seeing spots....
HELLO!...better get on board!...) where every Tom, Dick, and Harry have to post their two cents worth....whether they hear the DX station or not....there is NO WAY ANYONE can NOT KNOW a DX STATION is LISTENING UP..... or working SPLIT!

If you are an operator and do not care one iota about what others think of you when you "accidentally" transmit on the DX's TX frequency, then SHAME ON YOU! can NOT be considered a good operator if you don't care! PERIOD!

SO.....when you are working a station....LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN first....check the clusters do something....but DO NOT TRANSMIT on the DX's freq!!!! ESPECIALLY a BIG DXPEDITION!!!! People WILL make mistakes....but damn it your part up front and KNOW how to operate your radio...and MAKE DAMN SURE your TX and RX frequencies are only takes 2.9 seconds at most! If it takes longer than that.....Sell your radio for one that you CAN operate well!

EU has gotten a bad reputation because of most of its mannerless operating...and the US is close behind..... I know why......but I will save that for another BLOGGING day! This era of NO CODE, non technical upgrading is for the birds.....but there are still good and bad that go with it....enough said before my blood pressure rises!!! .... a tip....if the DX is working split and you are transmitting on THEIR FREQUENCY...YOU are NOT OPERATING SPLIT....and win the BONEHEAD AWARD!!!.. How would you like it if your dentist or doctor operate with the same disregard??? AHhhhh makes sense now doesn't it!!!!

Now!....get off your ass and call CQ!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Good morning Blog fans!

This morning's Blog comes to you regarding Opertor's NAMEs....

Just so we are all VERY CLEAR!.....

People (human ham operators) have Names......
You are also considered an "OPERATOR" or "OP"...

You do NOT have a HANDLE!!!!
A handle is what is on a Pot or Pan.....
It is also what CBers call themselves.....

So... while others are listening to your communications...remember, you represent what you are with every dit...every dah...and every word......DO NOT USE "HANDLE" to convey your name.....(Unless your name IS "Handle" )....

Operating properly means having a good "qualified" Elmer! If you don't have one...find one.....if you still can't find one.......I am availalbe...FREE of charge..... I am biased...but biased 100% on the education of how to properly operate in today's world of "New" hams! I am not perfect (did I say that?)..but I had/have an AWESOME coach/Elmer!!!

It is not MY "opinion" on how to operate well it is THE RIGHT way.... I just happen to do it that way!

And lastly...remember...if you have more than one standard of operating......well....

You don't have a standard at all!!!

Happy Palm Sunday to everyone....and work some DX!!!
(preferably on CW!!!)



If there is one thing that really gets my goat, is the lack of "quality" ELMERS!
There aren't enough hams willing to teach the new guys/gals the "correct" way to operate!
I don't mean to imply there is an N1BAA way of doing things (there really is...but that is another book...not BLOG)... but rather there "IS" a correct way to operate!...Again!...not "my" opinion but FACT!

With the NO CODE hams upgrading..( and there is nothing wrong with that)...but leave that CB talk in the 11 Meter band where it belongs.... HAM RADIO is NOT CB!!! So phrased like, "Roger Roger," and "Come back," as well as the "Please Copy" have zero, zip, nada, way José place in ANY part of Amateur Radio! Read my lips....NONE! SO ...just don't do do so....puts you in the TRASH opeartor...aka VERY POOR operator category...or guessed it ....LID!

Learn the right way to operate and THEN go teach someone else how to do it...

Rules of engagement for amateur radio operator are:

  • Never call a station without knowing what their call sign is!
  • Unless you are hard of hearing and I mean almost deaf, NEVER USE A CODE READER....and if you DO use a code reader....NEVER spot what your "machine" is probably wrong anyway!
  • If you drink lots of Rum and Cokes or beer during a contest...the a code reader is ok..but you are not allowed to submit your score!! HI HI...only kidding.....about the drinking and contesting....CODE readers are still O-U-T!!
  • If you don't know how to operated SPLIT....READ YOUR MANUAL or call me...I will tell you how.......DARN shame to even OWN a radio and NOT know how to operate split!
  • If you own ANY PIECE of EQUIPMENT and you don't know how to set it up yourself OR operate it....SELL IT!!! People who own horses and don't know how to CORRECTLY SADDLE it .....are also mandated to sell it!....or shoot it!! They are great eating too!
  • If your antennas stay up more than 18 months...they are NOT big enough!
  • Anything under a 40 foot boom is a peanut whistle!! Only 6M yagi is only on a 35 foot boom...oops
  • If you are tired of the small lot you live on...and want to improve your situation.....A FOR SALE SIGN IS JUST FOR YOU!!!! Move or quite complaining.....
  • If you live on a 80x100 lot and want to hear better on 80 and 160....refer to previous rule!!! ( I did and don't regret it!) 5 acres is still not enough for 14 beverages and loops!!!
  • If your wife doesn't like your hobby....get rid of her or go bigger so she'll leave you!
  • If you can't climb a tower....find someone who can and GO UP UP UP!
  • If you don't QSL...shame on YOU! You are NOT a real ham!
  • If you don't use LOTW..... you are light years behind those who are!
  • If you complain about how expensive our hobby is....try rock collecting....
  • When you do something to enhance your it right the first time and get the very best....then never worry about upgrading! If your wife doesn't like know the answer...
  • If your call starts with KU#, change it...there are no good KU# calls!...NONE
  • If you don't chase the CQ WAZ award and consider yourself a DXer...SHAME on are are a DXer-light...real DXers who want a challenge chase zones!
  • If you think making DXCC Honor Roll is a HUGE are kidding yourself....ANYONE with a coat hanger and time can achieve that....Try 5BWAZ or WAS on 80 or 160M RTTY!!!
  • If you don't operate should!.....
  • If you go to DX Club meetings and all you do is eat eat eat and talk just about ZERO about REAL may as well be a PITA Club or Poker Club....because REAL DX Clubs talk about DXing....not "nothing to report"!!!!
  • If you operate CW and don't care about what your fist sounds like.....SHAME ON YOU!
  • IF you don't operate should.....ESPECIALLY if you consider yourself a DXER..
  • KNOW CODE hams rule the roost.
  • Low band DXing is only for the strong willed!!! ( I love low band DXing)
  • If you don't belong to a TOP NOTCH CONTESTING CLUB......Try it!! There is nothing like it...
  • If you don't belong to YCCC, move so you can! (see the rule about a FOR SALE SIGN)...
  • If you own a vertical antenna and don't have 100 radials under it...SHAME ON YOU....
  • If you operate RTTY and do NOT OWN AN ICOM with TWIN PEAK FILTERS..YOU are missing out.... Nothing like it on the planet for copying RTTY signals.....NOTHING!
  • If I have offended you....don't come back...(But I bet you will).

Monday, May 3, 2010


If you are going to RTTY CONTEST... please consider the following:

  • Never give your "exchange" data before the CQing station acknowledges you and give your their report.
  • Keep ALL macros short! Some contesters are in it to win it! Be respectful of that. That means send ONLY what is required for the contest exchange!
  • There is NO reason to give "Their call" AND YOUR call EVERY time you send a macro...
  • "PLEASE COPY" is NEVER acceptable in a contest...ESPECIALLY in RTTY! What are these people thinking?
  • Never end a QSO with QSL THANKS FOR THE CONTEST AND GOOD LUCK! Hell!...that is 3 QSOS worth of taking up time right there. Just don't do it!
  • If you don't know the call of the guy you are calling....guess what? DON'T CALL!!!!
  • HAVE FUN!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


There comes a time in everyone's ham hobby career when people who seem to be 'assisting' and "Elmering" ....well, become something less that we expected. AND...the reverse can also be true when those whom you are trying to assist and get pointed in the right direction,.....well,....fall off the wagon, bump their heads, and become darn right vicious!

Recently, I had the latter come to fruition! What a moron this dolt turned out to be!
A high powered money making machine of a business man....who has more money than sense.... who decides at some point to finally do things 'the right way'..... starts dropping cash like trees in the fall.... only to find out the operating "talent package" was not needed....and that high dollar equipment would make up the difference or "delta" in what he lacked in experience.

Man! When an ex CBer takes up our hobby, and doesn't know how to operate or act ....that is expected.... But when someone who has never been a CBer...acts like a CBer....THAT ALONE should have been a warning sign enough to just gather the women and children and just RUN AWAY! I did not listen to my instincts...and have sense been whacked by the hand of Morse himself into concluding FAR TOO LATE.....that...:

You can never say the right thing or do the right things for those who are not willing to listen....AND...

You can never say the WRONG thing to those who ARE willing to listen and apply experiences from others in efforts to better themselves.

Another lesson I recently learned from this same individual..... is....

Friends become vicious enemies when money comes between them! Bet the house AND farm on this one folks. If someone says, "Take your time and repay me when you can...." and if that time frame for repayment isn't EXACTLY spelled can bet that same house AND farm that they will want it sooner than you would have expected to pay it back.... Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? Not really.... Just believe me!.... .....

For those hams who are in need of ELMERing.... GET ON IT! Volunteer your time, knowledge, coax...what ever it takes to lead them in the right direction....

If they are not willing to listen because they feel to high and MIGHTY ..and perhaps above the average HUMAN..... just politely ask for coax back...and leave the knowledge with them to chew on .....they will eventually DIGEST it .....or they will CHOKE it on! Either have done the best you could!



After having just finished the NAQP RTTY in the M/2 category, I felt compelled to write some notes about operators and their macros.

RTTY contesting more so than any other contesting mandates keeping things as short as possible for the given band conditions. Their is nothing worse than "RUNNING" in a contest, acknowledge a station and give his report.... to only have him respond with MY CALL THREE times......HIS CALL three time....MY REPORT three times....and then repeat MY CALL three times....HIS CALL three times and turn it over!

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD......PLEASE get the message and quit this practice....

If you are an RTTY contester and are in S&P mode... do NOT repeat the other stations call more than ONE TIME MAXIMUM! ONE TIME! There is no reason for it. IF conditions are crappy, then repeat the report only 2 or 3 times..but not the calls! I assure you, they got it!

I have spoken a LOT about having good ELMERS these days...and the lack thereof, but it is true. SO....look at the top scorers and emulate what they do! There is much to be learned from the great ones!

Before a contest, LOOK up the REQUIRED EXCHANGE and set your macros up accordingly! Send ONLY what is called for. .....Meaning...if NO RST is required...DON'T SEND IT!.... If your name is not part of the OFFICIAL exchange...DON'T SEND IT.....

This hobby has much to offer everyone...... so for those who are out to obtain the best score they can.... (ESPECIALLY in RTTY)...keep it short....and MOVE ON!

One more thing that chaps by when I am calling CQ and someone answers not only with their call 2 or 3 times, but then goes right into my report ect (BEFORE I HAVE EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THEM).... I have a special SHAME macro that goes like this....

Let's say KG4SB is calling me and is guilty of the above example.... I WILL TAKE TIME to let them know....


They normally don't call back, but they do get the message... I receive a LOT of emails after the contest regarding this...but since this is a hobby, I don't mind losing 2 QSOs for the sake of educating someone on the proper way to respond. I got my ass yanked up a few times when I was a youngster at the age of 13 to 15 when I first started contesting....and I FULLY remember having to LEARN on the FLY! HI HI

Bottom line is have fun...but have fun by KNOWING you are operating correctly...
This is not simply the "BAA" way...but IS the correct way to operate. I think we all want to be considered good operators...and you can't be one unless your actions show you operate like one!

AND never type PLEASE COPY...are you kidding me?

Until the next post contest rant.... 73 and God bless.

If you have question or suggestion on a topic for me to consider... shoot me off an
Email and I'll do my thing!

Jose - N4BAA


Well, we have moved to a new QTH in W. Massachusetts!
Great 4 acre piece of land in the country with one neighbor to the South, and one across the street!To my West is wide open the North 300+ acres of nothing....

I obtained my permit for three towers through the town building dept! No worries.....
NOW...the neighbors are pissed! Diplomacy did not work. I informed them that instead of towers of 130, 130 and 175 feet, I would instead compromise to 75, 75 and 90. I thought that was generous. Well, you guessed it,...they are STILL NOT happy!

What to do? Hmmmmmm

Well, since they are not happy and STILL calling for my head at the building dept in town....I decided to just say the hell with them. They are going to lQQk at my towers morning noon and night. Why? Because TIS THE SEASON! I have Christmas lights on all of them for the season!!! HI HI..... They are going to LOVE the Star of David at the top as well of the front tower!!! The lighted deer make a good addition to the bottom of the tower as well! a final GOOD WILL thought on my family's behalf...we haven't totally left them off our Christmas list..... I have a friend who is a I obtained TWO BIG "FOR SALE" signs which I have wrapped up and will place in front of their homes come Santa's morning! Then .....they can put those babies out front....and get the hell out of dodge! HI HI....

Christmas is alive and well at the BAA QTH!


Listening to what I call "PIG FARMERS" on 75M has gotten out of hand!
Tonight I heard not only a W5...but a WB8 using the same phonetic!...
Not only "Please Copy"...but also "Come Back" as the ending of their transmission.....


This is not 11 meters.....and I do NOT NOT NOT care that our Amateur Radio numbers are growing BECAUSE these "dolts" think it OK to use this GARBAGE!

When one travels to a foreign AT LEAST TRIES ....aka attempts to speak the language..... AMATEUR RADIO has NO NO NO place for people who feel this "language" is appropriate or "ok" to use.....

IF any of you are ELMERS ....or know ELMER....OR EVEN know of ANYONE using this "CB" talk....PLEASE ask them to stop.... if they do not...... yank their voice box out....
"PLEASE COPY" and "COME BACK" are hard as hell to send using CW.....

OH...wait....MEMO TO SELF....they probably DON'T KNOW CW!!!!! DAMN!!!

So....placing drive in "neutral" for a moment and actually will be more realistic....
Let me re-read the above....QRX.....

I see I may have been a little harsh and seems I am speaking to those who do not subscribe to this "woefully inadequate" jargon......

So I will close with a statement to those I may have offended with my thoughts on properly operating in VOICE...aka SSB mode.......

To anyone who does not utilize proper phonetics and or insists on using "country CB talk".....


If you care to call pigs to dinner....
Or you are yelling for someone to hurry up and use the outhouse......
Or someone in your family is hard of hearing ...and NEED to yell.......
Or you are not willing to at least TRY to do the right thing...when operating on VOICE......

Then sell your radio......
Cut your mic cord........
(And if you use this crappy "CB" jargon on RTTY or PSK (or both).... yank your Sound card and or TNC out of the frame......
And if you already know CW....then go for will be allowed to operate....
If you don't know CW...LEARN it! will be a better ham for it.....
If you don't care to learn CW......Well....

Just take up another hobby like cross stitching or fishing....That way one has to listen to this crap that has permeated the ham bands and driving good ops....
Well...FREAK'N nuts!

Copy that?.....Come back


Today's cluster "chatters" and "abusers is OUT OF CONTROL.....Why is this?
Mostly, because people are NOT EDUCATED enough nor have been properly instructed on the bi-products of their "postings" on a cluster...

FAR too many hams are not aware that a large majority of fellow Dxers utilize software that compares INTERNET DX CLUSTER spots to their actual computer logs, and ANNOUNCES over their SPEAKERS when a DX entity they need comes on!

Thus, when these hams make these IMPROPER spots, they are causing 1000's of DX ALARMS to needlessly go off and the BI-product of these FALSE ALARMS is 1000's of hams go RUNNING to their radios only to find out someone made a comment ABOUT a DX station they can't hear or thanking them for a QSL or ...god knows what...but it ISN'T GOOD!!!

WHAT? You didn't know about this kind of software??? NO MATTER! You STILL have a responsibility to those who DO have it to adjust your behavior in such a way as to accommodate!!! Bad eggs suck!....and I know no one would want to be a bad egg! We have enough as it is!

SO WHAT is the solution????
  1. EDUCATION! Know what is and is NOT a good spot.
  2. EDUCATION! KNOW alternatives to posting COMMENTS without setting off these alarms. comes YOUR education!!!!

DX CLUSTERS are: FOR SPOTTING DX STATIONS YOU...YES "YOU" actually hear....ON a specific Freq!!!

THAT IS IT! Nothing else..... NOTHING!!!

DX Clusters are NOT for ANY of the following:
Asking a DXPedition to QSY to another band.
Asking if anyone has heard a DX station.
Thanking a DXpedition for a QSL ..TOTALLY RETARDED!
Telling someone they have key clicks
Self spotting.
Commenting on an operator's ability or lack thereof.
CHAT talk....If you want to IM like a teenager...then got to MiRC or what ever...
Those are just a few....


If you MUST spot a COMMENT ...and MUST see your COMMENTS on the web for what ever reason.......

SPOT at the LOWEST / bottom of the band.....IE:
1800.0 etc...

DX CLUSTERS are set up or can be set up to NOT SET OFF ALARMS for THESE and ONLY these if you HAVE to and CAN NOT RESIST like this...


PERFECTLY 100% acceptable to do this.....just modify your freq before sending....

This is only if YOU CAN NOT RESIST the urge to do NOT Chat on a DX Cluster!!!


Sites such as DX Summit and others have methods of ANNOUNCING to the internet instead of SPOTTING...this is THE ALL TIME BEST PREFERED METHOD for making an ANNOUNCMENT or COMMENT that is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT an ACTUAL SPOT....

If you want top notch DX CHAT rooms.....go to

Here is how you ANNOUNCE:

In any cluster...type the follwoing to ANNOUNCE or COMMENT......

ANN and then your comment...... for example.....

ANN KG4SB please listen up if you are monitoring cluster....

That will be shown all over the DX WORLD...but NOT SPOTTED....WHAT A PERFECT COUNTRY!!!! just do it!

By ANNOUNCING correctly and NOT ABUSING the DX CLUSTERS for CHAT will not be considered a VERY POOR OPERATOR! Again...Just do the right thing!

With more and more amateurs now about to FLOOD the HF spectrum, it is vital that we SHARE GOOD OPERATING techniques and practices with them!!!! We ALL have an obligation to assist in others’ learning!

I did not say POLICE their actions!....however, when someone we know does something that is flat our wrong,…again…we have an obligation to address it in hopes that it will be taken well.. and in turn, make the airways a more sane environment in which to operate! FAILURE to do say makes you guilty too!

If you would like a Power Point Presentation to share with your DX CLUB or ANY club for that matter.....drop me a line at and I will be happy to send it to you!!

73 and good operating!

Sweepstakes and Your "PRECENDENCE"

OH BOY! Another ARRL SWEEPSTAKES behind us and although the CW was a lot of fun.....
The SSB brings out the PHONE bandits from hell! OMG! You can hide behind a CW key...but put a microphone in some of these "pig farmer's" hands and Katie bar the door... JUST KILLS ME.

Word or two to the no less than 5 "hams" who were using a Precedence of "A" or "B" or "Q"...who kindly asked me to tell them if a "certain" multiplier was on...and if so...what freq were they on!!!


That is considered ASSISTANCE and as such...would put you in the "U" PRECEDENCE category!

IF you could read the rules before you hit the MIC BUTTON..... you would probably see that rule 2.1.1. states very clearly......

General rule 2.1.1 Use of spotting assistance or nets (operating arrangements involving other individuals, DX-alerting nets, packet, Internet, etc) is not permitted.

In case that is not clear it again....INDIVIDUALs means make it PERFECTLY CLEAR and thus black and white...YOU CAN NOT RECEIVE ASSISTANCE IN ANY WAY SHAPE MANNER OR FORM FROM ANYONE OR ANYTHING.....PERIOD!

If you want to ASK someone what frequency a MULT you need is on.....MEMO TO SELF....
MOVE to where you have internet connection of some sort and HOOK UP TO A TELNET or DX CLUSTER!.....I am sure your CONTEST SOFTWARE (if you use it) has the option to use it!!!!

TURN IT the spots go by...find your your mult...(BUT DON"T USE PLEASE COPY....waht ever you do)....and LOG it and move on to the next one you need!

OH yeah....change your exchange to "U"...which is what you HONESTLY were running in the first place!