Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Picking up anchor and moving!

N4BAA is relocating to Eastern PA.

I will be keeping my N4BAA call despite moving to the "3" call area. Even though N3BAA is available (believe it or not), I learned my lesson when I tried N1BAA for 2 years.... N4BAA is just too well known.....

BUT.... I did request a new vanity WPX contest call.....!!!!
I requested NX3U to replace KS1Y. So that should still be great for WPX contest time!

Look for me soon as we are moving in late October.

Shack has been disassembled and the towers/antennas should all be down by this Sunday.

See you soon from EPA!

Jose - N4BAA/3 HI HI

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Take License Like 4-Skin

After having listened to the 7O6T (YEMEN) operation for the last 10 days or so, I am AB SO LUTELY incensed about the horrible operating by US ops AS WELL as EU ops. It is very common to see EU ZOO posted on the DX CLUSTER, but there are more than our fair share of US hams who need to have their licenses removed like a foreskin! Just lop that baby off without even asking. In fact the FCC needs to listen for just an hour or so....issue those damn citations to straighten these good for nothing quacks out... AND IF NEED BE ban them to UA0 land for the rest of their lives! I have sent out no fewer than 100 emails to US hams EDUCATING these damn dolts to the fact that they are NOT NOT NOT putting themselves in very good light when they act like ass holes and call and call and call AND OH BTW KEEP ON CALLING .....EVEN when the DX station (7O6T in this case) comes back to a VERY SPECIFIC station.....PISS POOR GUYS.....PISS POOR! You sicken me and embarrass the Cucumbers out of me to tell you the truth..... So.... I'll relinquish the soapbox for now and go back to recording in the pileup! Until next time, mind your Ps and Qs ..... I wouldn't want your call to end up on AMERICA's MOST WANTED list! Now go Elmer someone who needs it!!! (And there are a LOT LOT LOT of them).... 73 Jose - N4BAA

Sunday, April 22, 2012

CODE....OR NO CODE??????

I enjoy CW as I find Morse code a very effective and efficient mode, which to date, has yet to be superseded by other forms of communication that can be proven to be as bandwidth efficient; effective during poor band conditions and can provide the higher QSO rate during expeditions and contests, as CW. CW continues to demonstrate higher efficiency then any voice mode. All amateurs should allow themselves to understand and be able to use CW in some level of proficiency to complete the balance of communication modes offered and used globally. Morse Code has and continues to contribute to the advancement of the radio art/hobby through the development and advancement of newer and more exciting digital modes. CW continues to evolve info more modes of communication whereas archaic voice modes continue to remain stagnate; a very inefficient form of communication which has been proven to be unreliable, difficult to use in poor band conditions, exhibiting limitations and obstacles. This is not a code-no code debate. These are just FACTS; give it a try. Once you understand the benefits, you will love the mode. But IF IF IF you asked me about a code requirement...I would give you a choice.... Either bring back the code requirement OR get rid of the ridiculous MEMORIZING OF THE DAMN tests! Learn it or play checkers.... And people want to know WHY THE HOBBY IS NOW FULL OF REDNECK, COUNTRY, UNDER-EDUCATED, NO ELMERED HAMs.... Come on all can't be that stupid!!! BAA

DX CLUSTERS...Here We Go Again

You would think that over time, DXers and Non-DXers alike would figure out this DX Cluster thing. It still continues to piss me off to no end how irresponsible spotters can be. As hams who consciously decide to post spots, we have a RESPONSIBILITY to do so in a the correct manner. Read that again....... This means we all must know the proper etiquette on how to post. God knows I have posted before regarding no good hams, dolts, idiots, morons, bass-ackwards redneck sons of bitches who could care less about how the world views them as operators and DX Cluster Spotters; however, the fact that these ignoramuses still don't get it HAS to be attributed to very POOR DNA or some mucked up parents who did not properly whip their asses when they were young...but I digress for the moment. I send out about 40 emails per day attempting to edu-ma-cate hams every day. 99% take offense to my emails which are not mean in the least. They go something like this: Hello (name goes here) Hope you are well. I noticed a spot today you made regarding 9M0L (or other station they spotted) on 28.080. Your spot was not a "spot" at all, but rather a 'comment' stating "PLEASE 10M RTTY NOW". The manner in which you spotted would lead the ENTIRE DX WORLD to believe that 9M0L was actually on 28.080 RTTY right now. First of all, DX CLusters are not chat rooms... If you really felt the 'need' or 'urge' to post this 'comment,' it would have been harmless to do so let's say at 28.000. This (BOTTOM OF THE BAND" spot would NOT have caused DX ALERTS to be generated on YOUR behalf. Furthermore, your posting puts you in some very unfavorable light, does not speak well of your as an operator, and clearly confirms that you are indeed NOT aware of what your spots results in. In the future, please spot all 'comments' that are not ACTUAL heard spots at the bottom edge of the band (7.000 - 3.500 - 14.000 -21.000 etc I think you get the picture). BOTTOM LINE is ALL Operators have the RESPONSIBILITY to post spots properly and with consideration. Thanks, 73, and God bless , Jose - N4BAA _________________________________________________ More often than not, a ham will email back and say, "Mind your own business shit head" and "I am not the only operator doing this." etc... I then normally write back to these juveniles and tell them to set the example and just do the right thing! Don't worry about every Tom, Dick and Harry and what they are or are not doing....but take control of yourself. We all also have a responsibility to the HOBBY to share best practices in making this a BETTER HOBBY. WE AS A GROUP are not going to resolve the ITALIAN mafioso mentality on the bands, EU will still (for the most part...not all of them)remain a ZOO....and if you don't get your heads out of your proverbial asses, YOU are going to end up just like they have...... POOR OPERATORS, SADLY looked upon, and have ZERO motivation to do ANYTHING RIGHT! So here you go! The gauntlet is tossed at your feet! Are you going to do the right thing? or are you going to say phuck it...I am going to do things my way and to hell with doing what is right and just? It is your choice.... But don't be surprised if you get an email from me! SO there you have it in a nut shell..... I am sure I will have to speak about this again and again...because you know humans can't implement change on their own for the most part...they have to be forced into assimilation. That is why N4BAA is straighten your asses up and create a better host of operators for the WHOLE WORLD TO ENJOY!!!! Next posting I will include a list of those operators who have violated the sanctity of the DX CLUSTERS!....Hope your callsign does NOT make the list! Peace, Love, and Rye Bread Jose - N4BAA Your Operating Etiquette Coach