Sunday, February 13, 2022

ARRL FIELD DAY ---- (ARRL says it is not a contest).. Yeah PHUCKING RIGHT!!!

 The ARRL in the infinite "Bone-Head" wisdom, has finally killed off my participation after 44 years!

They claim this is NOT a contest! So... why keep score? Why have bonus points? Why?

Because the ARRL's Leadership, or lack thereof, has succumbed to ineptitude and a disconnect from "Ham Reality". They, in my mind, are a bunch of  mid-guided peons perpetuating what the league has done for years, which is just do what they want....with zero common-sense. Congrats "A-holes"... You win the prestigious "I don't give a crap award".

If it were not for the LoTW program, I would pay THEM to let me the Phuck out! I hate them with every ounce of being I have.  Oh, I long for the good ole days when they 'cared'.

Let's hope they figure it out!

73 and to hell with the ARRL.



Friday, January 14, 2022

THOSE WHO KNOW NOT ANYTHING - AND do not wish to .... .

Short and sweet....

If you do not know how your equipment, software, comports, or whatever works... 
For the love of God..... go PHUCKING find out!

Why would anyone NOT want to know how things work in their OWN shack/QTH?

I know too many hams whose shacks are a total 'wreck' and really are an embarrassment to be frank. Why? Many whom I have asked say they can't disconnect stuff and clean up because they don't know how to put it all back together... REALLY people?  Have some balls... label all your connections... disconnect that rat's nest of an "operating position", clean it up.. .and connect it all back up.. Hardest part? Having the balls to do it!

This is my way of kicking those of you for whom the 'shoe fits' and just do it. NOT to do it is wrong. Check your grounding, check the ergonomics of your shack, dust your equipment off and put it all back together again. This is not Mr. Humpty Dumpty!..   

If you are the type of ham who does not ensure your shack, towers, and entire QTH are very well maintained such that you can take great pride in what have AND do to anyone who knocks on the door at ANY hour. 

Allowing your shack" to become a 'crap hole' or "freakin' mess" is unacceptable! SO ...don't allow it to be. 

If you feel I am casting stones... Come knock on my shack's door!... Come on it.... <smiling>

Be safe!

Mr. DX and Everyone' Self Imposed Elmer 

Sunday, November 14, 2021


 Good Day Ham Fans...

Today, while reading the HamApps (JTAlert) and WSJT-X email reflector, I just can't help but want to comment on people's inability or damn right refusal to READ THE F****** Manual !!!

75+% of the posts can be resolved if one would just RTFM! How hard is this? Not very! But no! Most want to be spoon fed, led TO the H2O AND show you how to drink it. WTH is wrong with you mortals?

You are in a hobby that is chocked FULL of stuff to learn... So embrace the opportunity and LEARN. 


If you happen to vote democrat, I kinda get it. You want the 'hand out', you want to be 'given' the answer, you 'demand' others give you what you need!!!--- Why not earn your keep so YOU can teach others? Now THAT is something to think about! Learn to FISH for yourself so others don't have to be burdened with your insatiable 'needs'. Ham Radio should be used to further one's 'knowledge' of our hobby, to actually understand how your "stuff" works! Damn! What a beautiful world that would be.

Those email reflector moderators etc must have the patience of a saint! I would just the same first tell these life blood sucking 'dolts' to simply 'Get screwed" as a first response, and then if they continued further,....well...just tell them...



You 100% dedicated Elmer!



Sunday, October 24, 2021


Hope everyone is in good health and doing well.

I am hopping up on my soapbox.... 

The more E-mail reflectors I read, the more I realize that there are an many hams who have "Less than zero" idea how their gear or software works. Most want the 'answers' given to them instead of going and LEARNING HOW TO DO for yourself. For the sake of Pete.. ... people... READ your manuals.... "SEEK TO UNDERSTAND" how your 'stuff' works.

If I see another post that goes something like this.....

"Hey everyone. I know this is something simple...but I just can't find it anywhere... How do I (FILL IN THE BLANK Here)... 

Mary and


Sounds like you mo-fos need a nice dose of "brains" or " brain cells" or just "curiosity"...

It is NOT that hard...  Learn to fish for yourself so the rest of us don't feel overburdened with drinking more bourbon because you can't find your asses with both hands..  It must be embarrassing not knowing CRAP about ANYTHING.... 

 If you are 'one of those" who feels like the rest of us should hold your hand and just give you the answer... Take note... "I will continue to ELMER others"...but I am 100% done with giving the answers to the poor sons of bitches who "don't know Jack" any more... I AM officially over your sorry asses! 

Man! Do I feel better!!!

Off my soapbox and I return you to your regularly scheduled programming..

Like Paul Harvey used to say....

Good Day!


Saturday, October 16, 2021


 Well, new amp arrived today!

I bough a pristine, like new, AL-1500, had it 100% gutted and made into a 6M MONO BAND AMP.

3KW and then plenty of headroom.

Got on EME tonight and worked UR0MC via 6M MOON BOUNCE!


Amazing hobby we have!

Now will be looking for Lance, W7GJ from FO-A and FO-M this week via MOON BOUNCE!

Hope to see YOU off the moon soon!




Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 Hello LoTW Users...

Yesterday, I received a confirmation from a United States Ham for a QSO 9 months ago. So, I took it upon my self to 'seek to understand' (via email) why he chose to delay his upload so long. He was nice enough to respond. He stated he is 45 years old and had been a Ham for 15 years and that his 'cadence' was to try and upload once every 6 months but fell behind. We had a great back and forth and I let him know that his current software would allow him to upload REAL TIME and would not have to remember to 'upload' ever again. He was like, "WOW" Why they hell did I not know this"?... Well, like so many, people/hams do not have an Elmer or "mentor" to guide them. 

Unless you live in a super remote area of the world or the like, I can't reconcile why anyone would NOT be more considerate and upload their logs either real time or daily at the very least. There are many looking for confirmation for a long list of awards and it just makes good sense. 

So, if you are one of those operators who does NOT upload to LoTW daily...please consider changing your standard operating procedures and just make it happen.

Thanks, 73, and God Bless!


Your "digital" Elmer

Thursday, September 9, 2021


 Hello Everyone,

This week I did something I have not done in my 44 years of hamming!

I have been interested in Earth Moon Earth (EME) communication since I was a kid and I tried early in the 80's to make a contact, but could not.

With the advent of technology and a improved antennas, I made an EME QSO this past week!

I have been set up to receive signals bouncing off the moon for about a month and have had really good success decoding signals via Q65-60A mode from US, VK, ZL, JA, UA, UR, G, TI etc...  but my new 6 meter amplifier is not here yet so I did not dare TX with only 100 watts! 

But one evening speaking to Lance, W7GJ in the EME chat room, he let me know that with my large 9L antenna, he should still be able to hear me. REALLY? No way! So,..... I started transmitting at my moonset, and what do you know? Lance heard me, gave me a report and my first EME was history!

This is an amazing mode! Why EME? I only need one more country (P5) to have them all, and I only need a handful of zone on 6m to have all 40.

Also, having 36+ CQ WAZ awards, and I also chase Russian Districts and 6M FFMA grids, but... in between all that ....  I need something to keep me busy... SO.... 

6M EME provides another mode to collect more zones AND countries on 6M. 

I currently have 150 DXCC countries on 6M all via sporadic Es and unless we have a really good F2 year, the 'other' zones are not possible. I need 8 more CQ zones on 6M to have all 40 and this may help.

If you haven't tried EME on 6M try it. You do not need elevation control, just point at the moon on the horizon during your moon rise or moon set and have fun. 1KW helps but obviously you can still make a QSO or two with the really big stations on the air.

Have fun and I hope to see you off the moon soon! Amp will be here in 4 weeks!



MR. DX and Head Mentor