Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 Hello LoTW Users...

Yesterday, I received a confirmation from a United States Ham for a QSO 9 months ago. So, I took it upon my self to 'seek to understand' (via email) why he chose to delay his upload so long. He was nice enough to respond. He stated he is 45 years old and had been a Ham for 15 years and that his 'cadence' was to try and upload once every 6 months but fell behind. We had a great back and forth and I let him know that his current software would allow him to upload REAL TIME and would not have to remember to 'upload' ever again. He was like, "WOW" Why they hell did I not know this"?... Well, like so many, people/hams do not have an Elmer or "mentor" to guide them. 

Unless you live in a super remote area of the world or the like, I can't reconcile why anyone would NOT be more considerate and upload their logs either real time or daily at the very least. There are many looking for confirmation for a long list of awards and it just makes good sense. 

So, if you are one of those operators who does NOT upload to LoTW daily...please consider changing your standard operating procedures and just make it happen.

Thanks, 73, and God Bless!


Your "digital" Elmer

Thursday, September 9, 2021


 Hello Everyone,

This week I did something I have not done in my 44 years of hamming!

I have been interested in Earth Moon Earth (EME) communication since I was a kid and I tried early in the 80's to make a contact, but could not.

With the advent of technology and a improved antennas, I made an EME QSO this past week!

I have been set up to receive signals bouncing off the moon for about a month and have had really good success decoding signals via Q65-60A mode from US, VK, ZL, JA, UA, UR, G, TI etc...  but my new 6 meter amplifier is not here yet so I did not dare TX with only 100 watts! 

But one evening speaking to Lance, W7GJ in the EME chat room, he let me know that with my large 9L antenna, he should still be able to hear me. REALLY? No way! So,..... I started transmitting at my moonset, and what do you know? Lance heard me, gave me a report and my first EME was history!

This is an amazing mode! Why EME? I only need one more country (P5) to have them all, and I only need a handful of zone on 6m to have all 40.

Also, having 36+ CQ WAZ awards, and I also chase Russian Districts and 6M FFMA grids, but... in between all that ....  I need something to keep me busy... SO.... 

6M EME provides another mode to collect more zones AND countries on 6M. 

I currently have 150 DXCC countries on 6M all via sporadic Es and unless we have a really good F2 year, the 'other' zones are not possible. I need 8 more CQ zones on 6M to have all 40 and this may help.

If you haven't tried EME on 6M try it. You do not need elevation control, just point at the moon on the horizon during your moon rise or moon set and have fun. 1KW helps but obviously you can still make a QSO or two with the really big stations on the air.

Have fun and I hope to see you off the moon soon! Amp will be here in 4 weeks!



MR. DX and Head Mentor

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

When Politics Clashes with Ham Radio

 Keep them separated right? Hard to do that in today's world. Just a ball of pure freaking crap!

As a US Navy retiree who served 23 years, the LAST thing our service men and women want is for us to forget about them. That does NOT mean or refer to after they have left this world, but rather, it means do not get through your day without remembering where they are and WHAT they are being called upon to do. BEING FORGOTTEN or taken for granted is what they (me as well) fear everyday they serve. 

Ham radio for all it provides to many of us also allows us to "escape" the harsh reality that we live in country that is going in the crapper at warp speed! We have feckless leaders who set policies for our military who have never served AND allow politics to guide them rather than "doing the right thing". Why? Most likely because they have zero integrity. When I retired in 2007, I left behind men and women who "I" trained to "take the watch" and lead us... and they did!....with Honor. and still serve today. Those serving so WE can enjoy the freedoms of doing what we want cannot be thanked enough. THOSE in charge of these American Heroes do not deserve to be in command. THEY need to be eradicated and replaced with People Leaders who understand Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Respect, Teamwork! 

What does this have to do with Amateur Radio? For those old enough to remember the previous Soviet Union and what their Amateur Radio Operators have been through can quickly see / appreciate the similarities between their "days of old" and ours! 

If we as Americans (regardless of our birth nations) do not take what is happening seriously, you can kiss your free asses adios! For those reading this who refuse to view reality with an "eyes wide open" perspective through the lenses of truth..... (not my opinion...but facts).... you folks are lost sheep. With this 'sheep' mentality, the government will eventually swoop in and 'govern' your Amateur Privileges. And it won't stop there. Radio will be the least of your concerns. OPEN your eyes and look around...Don't turn OFF the news...TURN IT ON LOUD... Listen.... look at all of the news outlets and ask yourself if 'fair and consistent' coverage applies...or IF you are indeed being programmed (sheep).

Radio is an easy escape for us and God knows we love it! It offers so much to so many, no matter what your interest is, but let's not just run and hide behind our hobby or other 'outlet' to escape what is going in our world or WE are going to lose more than you may realize. 

The list of countries that have oppressed civilians because of POWER HUNGRY ass wipe government officials is LONG and distinguished. Having traveled to many of these 'armpits of the world', WE do NOT want to live in the same manner as they do...but we are headed that way. 

Ham Radio is a privilege granted to us BY our Government.... They can take it away the moment they feel threatened!

Stay Safe, God Bless, and America will ALWAYS be first in my heart!

Remember our Service men and women who are serving every day!





Thursday, May 6, 2021


 Well, I truly believe it is time to chime in email reflectors and the like......

What has happened to "hams" these days? 

Can no one actually READ "Help" files or "instructions" on how to install and operate software?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I am about fed up with having my email INBOX full of questions / comments from 'operators' (not true HAMs), who ask endless question after question about things that are 100% covered in the help files or instructions. So, memo to all those "Morons" and inept fools that use the excuses of, "I don't have time to read the manual", or "I'm not a technical type", or "I just don't understand this complicated program".... Well my dears, if that is the case, go back to gardening, or bathing in the sun and leave these "oh so tough" issues to real men and women who take time to INVEST IN THEMSELVES and actually LEARN. READ THE FREAKING MANUAL!!!!!

Folks, this is not hard. If you are the bleeding liberal type that that requires you be "spoon fed" data and have things "given to you" and "handed to you" without so much as an "OUNCE" of energy on your part..... JUST STOP pretending you are a ham. You are no more than a mere "Operator".. .no less....

So let's regroup here......

Going forward... before you ask a dumbass question...(and yes, some questions ARE in fact DUMB as hell.....), READ the MANUAL or HELP files... MAY not give YOU the answer YOU want as FAST as YOU want it....but you ain't in no race are NOT going to miss NORTH KOREA on you have time... RELAX... and prove to yourself, you have what it takes to SEEK TO UNDERSTAND more than just POWER ON and TX.... LMAO...

ALSO.. another tip... regarding EMAIL REFLECTORs... Keep your "two bit" comments like, "loaded the program and running it now", and "Installed it with no problems here", and "works great".... to yourself... NO ONE FREAKIN CARES! NO ONE! You see, there is a misconception that email reflectors are CHAT ROOMS...they are not! Do not use them the same way. Again, most of our "ham community" has NO idea what reflectors are, how to use them, (and how NOT TO USE THEM)...

So, take it from me sports fans.... Find an ELMER, one who is a GOOD operator and KNOWS what the hell is going on. If you do NOT find a good ELMER, then you are going to be photo copy of some MORON who will turn YOU into a MORON...and the MORON cycle will continue......and more importantly, for God's sake, LEARN how to do things CORRECTLY and if you have the "courage (aka:balls)" to become a MENTOR for someone else...maybe over the next 50 years or so, we can "right the ship" and return Ham Radio to a sense of decency where 'most' know what the hell is going on, how your gear and antennas REALLY work and how to solder, and how propagation works, and KNOW CW <smiling>, etc etc etc....but it is a bunch of small steps to get there...

But first you can contribute to this goal by doing one thing first.....


Mr. DX,



Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 Hello DXers....

Today I was HIGHLY disappointed in finding out a ham acquaintance has ben using a web based SDR (Software defined Radio) to RECEIVE with to hear stations HE could not hear from his home QTH.... 

Ethically, I have an issue with this and "HEAR" is why....

This morning I was using PSKReporter to check where Asian stations were being heard...and I said, "LOOK!... here is a station in VA who can hear 9V1YC, UA0LL, VR2WKL, YB... etc) and no one else can (not even me <smiling>)... And since he had PSKReporter TURNED ON... it was easy to see how well HIS station was "supposedly" hearing.. 

Well, when you report you are hearing those station above +3 to +11... you AIN'T using YOUR antennas. Not MY opinion... FACT... I have been low band DXing for over 40 years.... 

When I called him out on it.. he claimed he has not worked any new zones or countries using WEB SDR to receive with.....

Hmmmmm well.... How does the CQ or ARRL award desk know this? THEY DON'T!! SO, a logical person would have to assume all the zones and countries they have on the low band are suspect, and thus, ETHICALLY don't count.

I have saved the communications between us and I will forward them to the appropriate people who need to know.....

Yes! You can use Remote QTH and web based SDRs.....of course... AND YES! can submit for awards,.... just be FREAKING DAMN sure you ETHICALLY do the RIGHT THING and claim them as such and don't try to make it LOOK like your not so super station did the work...Why?

Because it did not!... 

Unethical operating is terrible and damages our Radio Sport. I despise those who do things without knowing the unintended OR INTENDED results...

From the now SDR ham shack..... in God's Country of Indiana.......

73, be safe, and Merry Christmas!



Monday, December 21, 2020

DXCC vs WAZ which is harder?

 I had a conversation with a club ham who was raving how he had just completed 5BDXCC and said that was the hardest damn award to earn! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Really?

I politely engaged with him and finally got him to understand that the average ham can work 5BDXCC in about 3 months, so why did it take him 20 years? 

I let him know that you can work and confirm 100 countries just by working NA, EU, SA and JUST A FEW in AF... Jesus... that's easy...

What is harder is working ALL 40 CQ zones on at 5 bands!! Now you are talking about a challenge!

This award is so hard that you don't even have to get all 40 on 160 meters or 6 meters!

6 meters only requires 25 zones...but that is hard as hell!!!! (I just did it this past year!!!!)...

and on 

160 meters you only need 30 zones!... ( I have all of them on 160 as well!!!!).... takes dedication, good antennas, skill, and lots of patience....

Now, yes, DXCC is THE award people 'count' to see whose "is bigger"...but it really is not an equal measurement. Heck, if you stay alive long enough ...anyone can work every country... but try working every country on every band AND All basic modes (CW, SSB, RTTY, and Digital)... THAT is called the Don Quixote award! THAT is where I align my focus...SO, it keeps you busy.... 

And for those who want to use REMOTE stations to accomplish these awards.... 

Have at it.. Most hams can't afford all the 'tools' needed to get these awards....

BUT when they earn them in a REMOTE manner.... 

IT IS NOT THE SAME OR IN THE SAME CATEGORY as others who did it without the assistance of REMOTE... NO HELL NO!!!!

NO WAY JOSE!!!! <smiling>

So, next time you hear some hams going at it about DXCC vs WAZ... put them in their place!!!

73, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

The DX Sensei,

Jose - N4BAA

Monday, November 30, 2020


 Just finished the CQWWCW 2020 contest!

Just awesome!

What' not awesome are some "A HOLES" who think that they are doing the right thing to ask...

QRL and go RIGHT into their CQ test... well... a few jack-asses got the message LOUD and clear this weekend.... 

I took time out of my CQ freq to 'edu-macate' these pig farming wanna be contesters...  

News flash! The above scenario is NOT acceptable under any circumstances.. so here is your morning class on QRL.

Short and sweet!.....

Ask SEVERAL TIMES if the frequency is in use...QRL?...why several times? A LOT of operators are SO2R...( don't know what that is?) that is problem one.. LOOK IT UP... so 

If an person on another radio or frequency needs 7 more seconds to respond... then give them that courtesy...otherwise you run into world class (ethically speaking) contesters like me who WILL school you ON THE SPOT... SO.. do everyone a favor... ask QRL? like 3 times and if no response...then you can have it...but if you think you are going to show up on a frequency and take it just because your macro says you can.... you better bring more than tribander and 1000 watts.... You gonna need waaay more than that...

So... there you have it sports fans... Read, Learn, and put it in to practice....

Oh yeah, ... and reprogram those macros!!!

73/God Bless