Sunday, March 31, 2019

N4BAA Activity Back!!! I am now in NINE (9) land!!!!

Hello and Happy ALMOST Spring Blog Fans!!!

Finally have things settled after my move to Indiana!! (Yes, 9 land)!!
As I reflect on my Ham career... having started in Florida...then VA... then MA...then PA...and now IN.... that is 42 years of hamming ALL around! This doesn't account for operating as YI9BAA, VP5BAX, N4BAA/9K2 etc..... WOW

VERY happy to be here in where they call the "Black hole"!!!! Can be at times.

Have towers in concrete and waiting on weather to finish!

Tower #1 -  135 feet of Rohn 55G
20M will be 6 over 6 SIX element yagis on 48 foot booms
15M will be 6 over 6 on 36 foot booms
10M will be 7 over 5 over 5 (bottom 2 fixed on EU and the top rotates)
C31-XR will also be on this tower
9L6 at 130 feet as well for F2

Tower #2 - Full size 160m vertical. 128 feet of insulated (series fed) Rohn 25G
10,000 feet of radials under this tower buried 6 inches under ground.

80M four square around this tower as well with another 20,000 feet of radials!!!!

Tower #3 - 150 feet of Rohn 55G
10M 8 over 8 over 8 over 8 on 48 foot booms
40M 4L full size at 150 feet

Tower #4 90 feet of Rohn 55G
30M Full size 3L
15M 7 over 7 on 48 foot booms
6M 9 over 9 on 49 foot booms

For Receiving will have 6 580 foot beverages and my
Hi-Z 4 square and 8 Circle array and a new SAL-30.

Can't wait for contest 2019 Fall Contest season.

I have also recently completed construction of my new Ham Shack in my pole barn.
It is 24 feet x 20 feet and is OH SO NICE!

Now just have to decorate walls!!!

Now that everyone knows I am in Indiana and Blog is back! Let me know what you want to hear me speak about. I am not short of substance; however, would love to cater to what YOU want me to RANT about!

73, God Bless and Grow your Towers T A L L!!!
Mr. DX!!

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