Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tower Update July 2019

After a LOT of wind this spring and a total lack of assistance from anyone, my son and I have finally finished the 128 foot 1/4 wave full size vertical made from Rohn 25G!!! Just awesome!....

Tower #2 is now going up! This will be Rohn 55G and the design has changed to be able to support 6M through 40 Meters until Towers # 3 and #4 get done .

Tower #2 will have the following on it:

2L40 Moxon at 135 feet
9L6 on 49 foot boom at 127 feet
5L20 on 48 foot boom at 121 feet
4L17/4L12 at 101 feet
C31XR at 91 feet
5L10 on 36 foot boom at 71 feet South
5L20 on 48 foot boom at 61 feet
5L15 on 36 foot boom at 45 feet
5L10 on 36 foot boom at 31 feet West

10, 15, and 20 meter yagis will be fed with an Array Solutions Stack Match for power splitting and phasing.

This tower layout will change when the next tower goes up most notably to support stacking 2L40 Moxons at 135 and 70 feet.

Hope to have tower done in 2 weeks and then populate the antennas just after that.
Yagis (except fixed ones) will be on TIC ring rotors...and the top 3 antennas (40 Moxon, 9L6 and 5L20) will be turned with a Prosistel rotor!

Looking forward to it!
WIll update soon!


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