Sunday, December 22, 2019


Hello Everyone,

Finally figured out how to get back into this account!

As a HUGE fan and supporter of Ham Radio Contesting, both domestic AND World Wide Contesting.... I say enough how this weekend "sport" has evolved.

What hasn't evolved is some operators who feel compelled or even "DRIVEN" to have to post or remark ALL the DAMN things that got "in their way" of putting together something less than even a stellar score.

Now, before you cue that email up to me to call me all sorts of names, here me out.

Every contact counts! Especially, in the club category AND the clubs are grateful for every contact....however, When a contester post 50 QSOs or 80 QSOs or even 300 QSOs in a 24 or even 48 hour contest, I am not interested to know how many grandchildren, parties, relatives, visitors etc got in the way. In fact, I am sure NO ONE does! In fact, this takes up time so I can read the stuff I really want to hear about like how many 6 band QSO, or propagation observations, or best call in etc.....
Of course post your Rig, antennas, SO2R or not....and all the receiving antennas etc.....
LOVE IT!..... but keep the comments about how you only had 2 to 4 hours with your butt in the seat. SPARE ME....

Bottom line is you either did not have your butt in the seat long enough or you stink at contesting.

Perhaps I have found the answer..... These hams MAY be smarter than I think ...LOL.....
By telling us ALLLLLL the darn things that got in the way of them winning the contest..... They choose to tell us they really don't suck....but 'other things' got in the way... Hi Hi...THAT IS IT!!!!


Contesting is a CHOICE and if you choose to contest for 1 QSO or 10,0000 go get em Tiger....but .. Keep the excuses out of it. Instead....

Have a goal... LQQk at the last time you were in a specific contest and set a goal to get better or improve.... ASK for help if you want to get better ..... Update your shack, add an antenna, put up a receiving array, build a VE3DO loop antenna, optimize your contesting Macros, LEARN SO2R.....
ALL of these things can add huge improvements to your score, your contribution to your local club, and overall satisfaction......

But keep the excuses for just submitting a few QSOs to yourself.... Most do not want to hear it!

Until next time!

73 and See you in the pileup!



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  2. Haha! This is so true. Everyone gives the excuses. Who cares. Leave the comments out. I've thought that for 15 years but never wrote it down

    73 and GL with your new station